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Mobile Journalism Competition

Welcome! This competition is for mobile journalism and mobile filmmaking. Our aim is to unearth and champion the talent and the best examples of Mobile Journalism in Sri Lanka! Stand a chance to win a prize worth LKR 300,000 if your video wins!

Deadline extended till 22 May, 2023

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Can I take part?

The competition is open to any Sri Lankan citizen!



Professional Journalist Award

This award is open to anyone who works for a recognized news organization or anyone who contributes to recognized news organizations as a freelance journalist / correspondent.   

Winners will be chosen based on language – English, Sinhala and Tamil

Citizen Journalist (Amateur) filmmaker Award

This award is an open category, and it is for anyone filmmaker who does not work as a journalist or a recognized news organization or as a freelance journalist.    

Winners will be chosen based on language – English, Sinhala and Tamil


There will be three prizes in each category for the best English, Sinhala and Tamil video.

Winners will be announced at the festival!

Win prizes up to LKR 300,000 for a winning video!

Judging Criteria

All of the films will need to be filmed using a mobile device or smartphone. It will be judged on three criteria:

The video must be shot on a mobile phone.

The video length must be 3-5 minutes.

One submission per person. Multiple submissions will result in disqualification of the storyteller.

Participants cannot submit videos that have already been published.

The judges will decide the winners based on the skill of the combined filmmaking, editing and storytelling techniques. The films should be produced to a professional standard and be able to tell powerful stories in the form of mobile journalism. Special consideration will be given to the selection of stories and their suitability to the art of MoJo.

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Contact us

Please contact Anuki Premachandra for more information.

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